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Open DC is organized in a manner in which editorial and administrative responsibilities are given to different groups or people, enabling editors to organize preparation for a specific student group transparently and easily, thus address student’s specific needs based on which groups they are in. There are different editors with different responsibilities.

The following quotation by a 20-year-old American student shows how attractive the Open DC online support modell for students is: „I am absolutely obsessed with the Distributed Campus web portal! I think that it’s a brilliant idea and it is helping me so much already! I feel a lot more prepared for Germany than before I began using this great tool!”

Each one is responsible for editing certain content and making it available to a special target and user group. The different responsibilities include the following:

  • Maineditor produces and edits content, making that content comprehensible for the following editor
  • Group-specific Editor is specialized on the production and maintenance of the Timeline, as well as the Tasks and publishes all content for the students.

DC user roles

The User Administrator is responsible for the monitoring of different student groups, as well as activating student’s accounts.

If your university chooses the Open DC model, your colleagues, who take on the different responsibilities just mentioned, will receive the appropriate training.

Please get in touch with us for any questions.