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Open DC Content Pool

Open DC Content Pool

The variety of articles, videos and animations (content pool) that were designed for Distributed Campus are on various academic and intercultural topics, of which some are addressing local, others global issues.

If you wish to take advantage of the full service package of Open DC including hosting by CeDiS, you will be able to view the content pool and use it for your university. Things that apply only to your institution must, of course, be added to the existing content.

Review of Distributed Campus content

You may use the content for your university, whereas you may need to adapt it to fit your  individual needs. The Freie Universität Berlin remains the copyright holder for content that was developed by the Open DC team.

Some of the possible modifications are:

  • shortening or supplementing the articles
  • editing hyperlinks

Creating one‘s own content

The following information specific to your university must be added:

  • administrative information specific to your university (addresses, opening hours etc.)
  • forms that apply to your university
  • information specific to your location or region like public transport, cultural activities  etc. including hyperlinks to these institutions
  • images of your location and institutions
  • student’s inputs on their experiences that belong to a certain group (e.g. a cultural background) which has not yet been included.

Content exchange among the participating universities

The following steps are a necessary basis for an organized exchange of content among participating universities:

  • information should be cataloged in a manner in which it can be useful to other institutions, as well as adding a caption (e.g. language, group etc.)
  • that a central content-data base is set up and continuously attended to

We provide a service that will organize all the information above for your university. Please contact us for this service.